PacFIN Brief for 1992

[Complete 1993 PSMFC Annual Report (2.7 MB pdf)]

The Pacific Fisheries Information Network (PacFIN) began a major re-development in 1992 which will expand its scope beyond fishery catch a nd effort information for the California to Alaska groundfish fisheries. The "re-defined" PacFin database will consist of individual vessel landing records (pounds, value,species composition, and distribution of catch to area) and summaries (both catch and vessel) for all commercial landings of all species of fish in Washington, Oregon, and California. When complete, records will be available from 1981 through the present. The completed confidential database will be made available to selected individuals for Fishery Management Plan development, fishery management, and conservation. During this development, the current 11-year old system continues to provide timely in-season summary data to PFMC groundfish fishery managers. Its summaries are also used by economists, biologists, managers, and industry for both PFMC and NPFMC fisheries.